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Real estate on a whole new level


Our team of carefully vetted professionals will manage all the details of all home repairs. You can trust us to maximize your property’s potential and sell your property in any market condition.


With a team of professional design specialists, we use home staging, floor plan schematics, and professional photographs to showcase your home and move the buyer to act.


Fast communication is vital. Whenever possible we either answer calls immediately or respond quickly to text messages and emails. You can count on us to stay in close touch.


We deliver smart and efficient solutions for every client. We have the confidence and experience to think outside the box; and develop creative strategies to accomplish our goals - not just for today but for the long term. 

We use innovative technologies to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of transactions, which includes investment property valuation, online marketing, and management of deliverables. For example, we use DocuSign to complete time sensitive documents and retrieve signatures electronically. Social media platforms enable us to market to a broad audience, using vibrant images and captivating text. The A-Team uses the most cutting-edge tools available to facilitate successful real estate transactions.


Since the inception of The A-Team, we have completed hundreds of transactions per year. We have adapted to changing environments by working in person and remotely while maintaining the highest level of service. You will benefit from our deep understanding of real estate and our utilization of the latest technology, which can help you streamline documentation, stay organized, find buyers, and maintain your calm and confidence.


Our team has decades of experience and completes hundreds of successful transactions every year. As a result, we are versatile in our capabilities and able to navigate any transaction, in any market condition, at any time.


The A-Team is also unique in that our real estate professionals collaborate as a team, so that clients can benefit from our combined expertise and strengths. We believe that multiple perspectives are necessary to ensure 100% client satisfaction and success in all aspects of transactions, not just the final outcome. 


This collaborative approach extends to colleagues outside our company, such as architects and contractors, and most especially in our relationships with clients. At The A-Team, we are committed to developing lasting relationships based on mutual trust and confidence. We take time to truly understand and identify our clients’ needs and desires, and we will always listen and learn from you. To support you in achieving your goals, we empower you with ongoing guidance and information to make optimal decisions. We help you broaden your perspective so that you can shift from immediate problems to focusing on the strategies and solutions that will fulfill your needs and desires in the long term. We always present solutions with our clients’  input and feedback, and we achieve our shared goals together - as a united team.

Are you ready to start?


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