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Arthur Ambarchyan earned his real estate license in 2002. Prior to that, he worked in finance, and was drawn to the intellectually stimulating and exciting world of real estate when he went through his own process of a purchasing property. As a broker, he is known for his tenacity, initiative, and resourcefulness. Arthur goes beyond what’s expected; he has a unique talent for thinking outside the box and creating original real estate solutions for challenging and complicated situations (what sometimes appears to others as a gift for creating solutions “out of thin air”). He is kind, patient, and understanding, and genuinely interested in people’s lives. And he makes an effort to learn and grow from every experience. Most important, Arthur is passionate about real estate and always excited to share his passion for the benefit of his clients. Arthur received a scholarship to attend the University of Southern California, and graduated with a degree in business administration with an emphasis on real estate development. Outside work,  Arthur enjoys grilling rib eye steak, attending  car shows, and hiking at Brand Park.  

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Kristina Ambarchyan has managed law firms, medical offices, and commercial buildings, and engaged in other creative and professional endeavors. In her role as the Operations Manager at The A-Team, she contributes by sharing the knowledge and wisdom she has gained from her varied industry experiences. Kristina also brings warmth, care, friendliness, and a proactive, fresh approach to creating new marketing content and transaction systems - and achieving results. She aims to engage everyone with fun and interesting content they can use in meaningful ways. With a strategic outlook, she aligns operational processes with wide-ranging business goals and objectives. Leveraging her organizational skills, she adeptly oversees various aspects of the business efficiently. Kristina always wanted a career where she can apply her leadership skills, engage in human interaction, and use her creativity to connect and communicate with others. Her role as Operations Manger allows her to do all these things and more. Kristina earned her degree in business administration at Woodbury University. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking, hosting dinners, and listening to podcasts!

Kristina Ambarachyan
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